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CASE has available for sale and use our Special Education Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. The Handbook, co-written with Disability Rights California, is one of the most complete and useful resources on the special education process available today.

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Handbook Table of Contents:

  1. Chapter One: Information on Basic Rights
  2. Information on Evaluation/Assessments
  3. Information on Eligibility Criteria
  4. Information on IEP Process
  5. Information on Related Services
  6. Information on Due Process Hearings/Complaints
  7. Information on Least Restrictive Environment
  8. Information on Discipline of Students with Disabilities
  9. Information on Interagency Responsibility for Related Services (AB 3632)
  10. Information on Transition Services, Including Vocational Education
  11. Information on Preschool Education Services
  12. Information on Early Intervention Services
  13. Information on the Rights of Students with Serious Health Conditions to Appropriate Educational Services
  14. Appendices:
    A. Sample Letter - Request for Assessment
    B. Sample Letter - Request for Records
    C. Sample Letter - Independent Educational Evaluation Reimbursement
    D. Sample Letter - Request for Independent Educational Evaluation
    E. Sample Letter - Independent Educational Evaluation Reimbursement
    F. Patterns to Look For
    G. Learning Processes: A Diagnostic Framework
    H. Sample Letter - Request for IEP Meeting
    I. Sample Letter - Compliance Complaint
    J. Sample Requests for Mediation and/or Hearing (Complaint) and Request for Stay-Put
    K. Request for Mediation and Due Process Hearing
    L. Parties to Be Named
    M. Due Process Request for Stay-put
    N. Mediation and Due Process Hearings under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA)
    O. Indicators of Fully Inclusive Programs for Students with Disabilities
    P. Assignment of Educational Decision-Making Authority California
    Education Code Section 56041.5
    Q. Sample Letter - Ten-Day Notice of Parent Intent to Place Student in Non- Public School
    R. Testing Variations, Accommodations, and Modifications
  15. List of Internet Resources
  16. Index

Printed copies of the Handbook can be provided in either English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese.

Click here to order a copy of the SERR or SERR CD!

Our Introductory Pricing for this new edition is:

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Printed Version - $35.00 plus $10 for shipping & handling
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